Message from SadGurudev :

"I know you from many births. You do not need to recognise me. I have always been within you. Your body is my home and I live in your heart. People open ashrams and schools outside in this phys ical world but I have opened an ashram for you in my heart.

When you take initiation from me then I give you admission in the hermitage of my heart. Come and live in my heart and I will wash away all your sins accumulated from this birth and previous births. You will not be the same person as you will take a new birth with a new soul. You will recognise me in your heart, when there will be tears in your eyes out of the divine love. I will become your heart beat.

I will work from your hands , walk from your legs and think from your mind . I will give wealth as well as knowledge as I am your Guru and I am the source of everything visible and invisible in this universe . I will teach you the art of divine love and how to take a dip in the ocean of divine love within you. I have been waiting for you with open arms."

Swami Trilokanand
(Chanda Singh Pehal)

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